Your Branch Officers

Branch Chair: Bernard Parkes

Facilitates Branch and committee meetings (some are also senior negotiators).

Assistant Branch Chair: Andrew Turner
Assists the Branch Chair in branch and committee meetings.

Branch Secretary: Amanda Brown
The main contact person with the wider union who handles Branch administration.

Assistant Branch Secretaries: Kenneth Attwooll & Craig Martin
Assists the Branch Secretary in Branch administration.

Branch Treasurer: Jill Mildon
Responsible for managing Branch finances, including keeping accounts.

Schools Convenor: Craig Martin
Assists Branch activists in schools and FE contact with organisation and case work

Young Members Officer: vacant

Advises and helps recruit young members while ensuring their voices have an influence across the union.

Equalities Officers: Chris Stokes
Works on equal rights issues including sex, race, disability and lesbian and gay issues (there may be up to four per Branch).

Health & Safety Officer: Pete Alford
Campaigns around Health & Safety Issues for the Branch

Education Co-ordinators: Jill Mildon & Amanda Brown
Helps arrange training courses and education programmes for members, stewards, health and safety reps and Branch officers.

Membership Officer: Craig Martin

Keeps track of the branch's membership and works to develop recruitment and organising.

Branch Communications Officers: Vacant
Co-ordinates Branch newsletters, websites and other media.

Welfare Officers: Marion Lambourne 
Assists members in making welfare claims & campaigns around welfare issues related to the Branch

Branch International Officers: Vacant
Develop and lead on international solidarity activities including campaigns, twinnings and support for projects abroad.

Retired Members Officer: Arthur Cox and Carmel Wilkinson
Supports UNISON retired members by campaigning on their behalf and organising local activities.

APF Political Officer: Craig Martin
Liases with the local Labour Party and makes sure the views of UNISON members who pay the APF levy are heard.